Go Mobile with Tabs3 Connect

The new web app gives you access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster from anywhere you have Internet access, but what does this mean for data security and what are some of the specific benefits?

Tabs3 Connect provides a web-based interface for viewing client, contact, calendar, journal, and other data. You can add or edit transactions from your mobile device, as well as access the Matter Manager, Alarms, and eNote functionality of PracticeMaster, from an Internet connected browser, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

For customers of the Platinum versions of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster who are enrolled in a maintenance plan, Tabs3 Connect is included with no extra fee.

Data In Sync
With Tabs3 Connect, you are always looking at live data. There is no need to wait for data to synchronize or download.

What is eNote? eNote allows you to send instant messages to people in the firm while you are on the go.

Security Considerations
The web application provides a way to access the information stored on your server, without making a copy to the mobile device or storing the data on the web. Tabs3 Connect encrypts the connection between the mobile device and your firm’s server. Some key points:

  • Your data is not stored on the mobile device, and is not stored on Tabs3Connect.com. Your data remains on your existing server.
  • All Internet transmissions are SSL encrypted.
  • Network vulnerability is not affected because no additional Web server needs to be installed or configured, such as Apache or IIS.
  • There are no firewall configuration changes required for most firms.
  • No apps are installed on your mobile devices.
  • Access rights assigned to users for Tabs3 and PracticeMaster apply to Tabs3 Connect.
  • You control which users can use Tabs3 Connect.
  • Users must use a strong password for access to Tabs3 Connect, and security measures are in place to protect against “brute force” attacks.
  • All logins, logouts, lockouts, and file downloads are automatically logged.

BYOD Friendly
Since Tabs3 Connect doesn’t require a special application or downloading sensitive data, people from your firm won’t mix personal contacts with work contacts on their devices. Same holds true with calendars and email accounts.

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