How to Replicate Contacts in PracticeMaster

When setting up spouses, family members or members of an organization, it is useful to be able to duplicate the original record and make minor changes to the copy rather than typing the same information in over again.

To Replicate a Contact in PracticeMaster, Follow the Steps Below:

  • Open the contact list and select the contact that you wish to duplicate (the company or husband, for example)
  • Right-click on the entry and select “Replicate”
  • Enter the Contact ID for this new record – if it is a member of an organization, use the Last/First name Model (i.e. Jones/Mary R.)
  • Click on OK
  • Edit the record as needed and click on “Save”
PS: If your video is fuzzy, try changing your settings to HD by clicking on Settings and then Quality.

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