Starting E-mails Automatically Using WorkFlows (PracticeMaster)

Q: When I close a client matter in PracticeMaster, I e-mail our Billing Department so they can verify that there is not an outstanding balance that needs to be settled, but sometimes I forget. Can I automate this process so that I don’t forget to send them an e-mail?

A: Yes, you can! A WorkFlow can be created that will automatically start an e-mail once the matter’s Date Closed field is changed from mm/dd/yyyy to a date. Furthermore, the WorkFlow can be customized to automatically include specific client related information in the Subject and/or Body of the e-mail. This means that once the matter is closed, all
you need to do is click Send on the e-mail.

To create a WorkFlow that runs when a file is closed
1. From the Maintenance menu, select WorkFlows.
2. Select the Client folder and click the New button.
3. Enter a Name for the WorkFlow.
4. Clear the Prompt Before Running check box.
5. In the Event section:

  • Select the Record Changed check box.
  • Select the Specific Field option and select the Close_Date field.
  • Select the Value Before check box and leave the default value as mm/dd/yyyy.

6. In the Actions section, click the New button.

  • Select the Start E-mail option.
  • Click Next.
  • Click in the To field.
  • Click the Value button.
  • In the Value field, enter the e-mail address for your Billing Department.
  • Click OK on the Value window.
  • Click OK on the WorkFlow Expression Editor window.
  • Optionally click in the Subject and/or Body fields to automate text.
  • Click Finish.

7. Click Save.
Now whenever a date is entered into the Date Closed field, an e-mail will automatically be started once the record is saved

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