Hide Document Assembly in PracticeMaster

Hide the Merge Process in PracticeMaster!
Back in version 19 an update was made to the document merge feature that allows you to hide the assembly process. This has been shown to enhance the performance of the merge and can be especially helpful with large templates.

See below for more information and instructions on how to add the “Hide Assembly” variable to your templates.

When document templates are very large and complex, they can cause the assembly process to slow down, or even cause the server’s message queue to overflow and cause automation errors. This occurs most often in a Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) environment. Hiding the document assembly process may prevent the error(s), as fewer messages are processed.

Beginning with Version, you can use a variable named “HideAssembly” to assemble templates without showing the assembly process. Most templates will run just fine with assembly shown, so this only needs to be added if you are experiencing automation errors. To add this variable to your merge template follow these steps:

1. On the first line of the document, position the cursor at the beginning of the line and click the variable button.
2. Expand the Internal Variables group.
3. Select Alpha Variable.
4. Click OK.
5. Enter a Name of “HideAssembly”.
6. Select Do not insert text into document.
7. Leave the Initial Value field empty.
8. Select Never Prompt.
9. Select Compress line if result is blank.
10. Click OK.
11. Save the template and rerun the assembly process.

The variable will look similar to «HideAssembly|Alpha Variable|Do not insert text into document» or «Var|31|1|1|||1|%H|HideAssembly|Alpha Variable»