Larger Fields in PracticeMaster

What’s New in Tabs3 & PracticeMaster? Larger fields, that’s what!

If you have ever hurt yourself trying to cram a client’s name, work description, name search or contact information into the client file…

If you have ever uttered an expletive through gritted teeth after running out of room entering a check number…

If you have ever worried that your statement numbers were getting too big…

If you have ever had to tap your creative genius trying to squish 100 characters of identifying text into a 50 character field for LEDES billing…

with the latest Tabs3 & PracticeMaster v2020 updates!

Click Here to See What’s New in Version 2020

Here is a short sample of what to expect:

  • Client Name Increased from 50 to 255 chrs
  • Name Search Increased from 16 to 50 chrs
  • Work Description Increased from 50 to 255 chrs
  • Misc Lines 1, 2 & 3 Increased from 50 to 255 chrs

    Over the next two weeks I’ll be sending additional emails highlighting different features. Mostly new, and some old, and I think it may be more than 7 😉

    Let me know if you’d like assistance with getting v2020 installed*

    *Please note that maintenance is required with v2020.